100 Everyday Coconut Oil Uses

Source: http://www.the-open-mind.com/100-everyday-coconut-oil-uses/

by Tiffany

There are many benefits of using coconut oil. It’s known to help boost the immune system, nourish the skin and increase energy. Here are over 100 everyday coconut oil uses.

Coconut oil is known for its many uses in the kitchen but did you know you can use it on your skin, around the home, and in the bathroom? There are hundreds of coconut oil uses! I use coconut oil from head to toe in my homemade beauty products and cook with it daily for it’s health benefits. We use coconut oil so much we purchase it by the gallon! Here is a list of over 100 everyday coconut oil uses!

100+ Coconut Oil Uses

1. Cooking with Coconut Oil (Learn how to cook with coconut oil here)

2. Replace with Crisco/butter in baked goods

3. Add to smoothies for energy boost

4. Add to coffee or tea to boost metabolism

5. To promote thyroid health

6. Oil Pulling

7. Skin Moisturizer (check out my whipped coconut oil body butter recipe here)

8. Used to make Lotion Bars

9. Homemade Toothpaste (recipe here)

10. Deodorant (recipe here)

11. Moisturizing Body Scrub (recipe here)

12. Natural Lip Balm (recipe here)

13. Used in Magnesium body Butter (recipe here)

14. Polish Furniture

15. Season Cast Iron Cookware

16. Hair Treatment

17. Makeup remover

18. Boost Immune System

19. Shaving

20. Carrier oil when using essential oils

21. Frizz tamer

22. Use in place of Cuticle Cream

23. Use to make healthy Coconut Oil Chocolate

24. Use in Homemade Cough Syrup

25. Use in Homemade Cough Drops

26. Sunscreen (natural SPF of 4-6)

27. Homemade Coconut Oil Soap

28. Aids Weight Loss

29. Add 1 Teaspoon to Bath Water to Moisturize your Skin

30. Wood Polish

31. Helps with Alzheimer’s

32. Massage Oil

33. Diaper Rash

34. Improves Digestion

35. Popping Popcorn (recipe here)

36. Natural Lubricant (should not be used with latex)

37. Soothes Cracked Skin

38. Belly Balm (helps to increase elasticity of skin during pregnancy)

39. Hair Detangler

40. Fight Parasites

41. Treat Dandruff

42. Oil Cleansing (for some skin types)

43. Use to make Homemade Magic Shell for ice cream and treats

44. Use to help remove sticky stuff off furniture or household items

45. Grease pans

46. Use to make Natural Mascara

47. Use to make Natural Eye Liner

48. The occupational health fried food like Coconut Oil French Fries

49. Healthy Chips (buy here or make your self)

50. Mix into Coconut Oatmeal – It tastes amazing!

51. Mix into Homemade Coconut Butter to make it creamier

52. Use in Homemade Mayonnaise

53. Rub on cuts and scrapes to help heal

54. Helps lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL)

55. Used as leave in hair conditioner

56. Soothes bug bites

57. Treat Lice

58. Leather polish

59. Replace the creamer in your coffee for a health alternative

60. Consumed for constipation relief

61. Use on scalp to reduce flakes or dandruff

62. Removes rust

63. Helps to fight acne

64. Soothes cradle cap

65. Consuming can minimize heartburn symptoms

66. Clean excess make-up from make-up brushes

67. Prevents and fixes split ends

68. Can be used to sooth a dry dog’s nose

69. Reduce cracked heels

70. Can be used on dry, sore nostrils for relief

71. Reduces the swelling and inflammation of rashes

72. Removes chewing gum

73. Use on cracked dogs paws to help them heal

74. Dust repellant when used on household items

75. Applying to eyelashes encourages growth

76. Grease a bike chain

77. Bath Oil

78. Lubricate zippers to help get them unstuck

79. Can be used on horses as a mane and tail conditioner

80. Applying to dry elbows can soften them

81. Get rid of soap scum in the bathroom

82. Soothes bee stings

83. Use in Homemade Hand Scrub for soft hands

84. When put on an eggshell, it preserves egg quality and shelf life

85. Prevent hangnail

86. Feeding it to your dog can give them a shiny coat

87. Used in Sunscreen Bars

88. Reduce dandruff

89. Can be used as an anti-aging cream to reduce fine lines

90. Helps ease symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

91. Lubricates kitchen appliances

92. Lubricates snow shovels to ensure snow slides off

93. Tattoo healer or moisturizer

94. Breath freshener (add a drop of peppermint oil with coconut oil and swish in mouth!)

95. Treat athlete’s foot

96. Can be used to sooth a chapped nose or lip

97. Applying under the eyes can help reduce dark circles or “bags”

98. Used in Beach Body Polish

99. Helps to fade age or sun spots

100. Main ingredient in homemade Vapor Rub

101. To help kill yeast infections

102. Helps to inhibit cold sores

103. Fix squeaky and sticky hinges

104. Use to make Coconut Oil Fudge


– See more at: http://www.the-open-mind.com/100-everyday-coconut-oil-uses/#sthash.eq2DUyE9.dpuf



Source: http://thespiritscience.net/2014/03/03/10-signs-of-a-spiritual-awakening/

Spiritual awakening is an ongoing process of becoming a Whole Person. One who is balanced in Male and Female energy, and nurturing both themselves and those around them.

It happens as one is growing through the process of discerning truth in the world around you, and continually reaching higher and higher peaks of awareness, also known sometimes as simply “getting it”. It is what Maslow calls ‘self-actualization,’ Carl Jung calls ‘individuation,’ and other psychologists call ‘a fully functioning human being’ or ‘a complete self.’

This is both an internal and external sense of transformation that takes place, making the experience one that effects and is effected by the individual as well as all of those around you through a change in character, personal expression, and kindness that is displayed.  The purpose of this article is to focus on some of the stuff that people who experience this go through.

Listed below are signs of spiritual awakening reported by those who have experienced it. It is important to note that these symptoms will eventually fade away after one adjusts to this phase of transformation.

1. Asking Questions about the world around you and the stuff that is taking place in your life.

2. Changes in sleeping patterns to suit your needs and requirements as a growing individual.

3. Stimulated sensations like random bursts of emotion that you didn’t usually feel before, such as crying during movies, feeling compassion and empathy towards those around you, changes in body temperatures, or sudden random urges to go and do something like running, swimming, or climbing a mountain.

awakeningeye4. Having great ideas and putting them into action, seeing the depth of the truth, willingness to look beyond the tip of the iceberg, compassion on a bigger scale, and thirst for knowledge.

5. Feeling pressure in different parts of the brain, such as the frontal lobes which is the male logical and thinking part, or the back of the brain which is more connected to the female, intuitive and space of connectedness.

6. The recognition of issues that have been denied, repressed, and avoided in the past and present may surface to be processed, in many cases, this may happen in relationship to someone or something, which offers opportunity for growth for everyone involved in the vibration.

7. Changes in the body like looking younger and stronger, which also goes hand-in-hand with changes in the eating habits and life style. Everything revolves around health.

8. Having personal and peak experiences where one feels at one and in peace with her/his surroundings. Having meaningful dreams and in-depth visions are not uncommon.

9. Craving more and more to break free from traditions, outdated institutional thinking, blind conformity, and useless beliefs that do not serve the greatest good of humankind… taking that craving, and turning it into action.

10. Seeing and comprehending the world in a way with deeper meanings. More and more awareness of synchronicities between the physical world and the feelings, thoughts, and energetic representation of the physical world.

11. Watching plenty of Spirit Science, and telling random strangers about it everywhere you go. (okay, that one was special just from me ^_^ )

If you feel like someone who has been through spiritual transformation or is going through one, surround yourself with peaceful, aware, positive, healthy, and supportive people and circumstances. It is extremely important to take good care of both yourself and those around you, be gentle, and pay attention to creating a shift in toxic situations and relationships.

6 Ways To Stay Mindful

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/05/23/6-ways-to-stay-mindful-during-mercury-retrograde/

1. A Happiness Jar, (excerpt from Elizabeth Gilbert):“What is a Happiness Jar? The simplest thing in the world. You get yourself a jar (or a box, or a vessel of any kind) and every day, at the end of the day, you grab a slip of paper and write down on it the happiest moment of the day. Even on lousy days, you do this. Because even on lousy days, there is one best moment (or at least, one least-worst moment). You stick that little piece of paper in the jar. Over the years, you have a record of your happiness. On bad days, I will thrust my fist in that jar and go fishing — pulling up a handful of great moments that I would have utterly forgotten, had I not documented them.”

2. Start a Gratitude Journal: A gratitude journal is a great tool for mindfulness, and will help keep your consciousness in a place of appreciation for the present moment. Find a journal that has an aesthetic that speaks to you, and feels really good, then each day either in the morning or evening (whatever works best) write down ten things/moments/people/etc. you are grateful for. Even when you’re having a yucky day, write out what you’re thankful for and it will instantly shift your sight to a higher vibration.

3: Create a Sigil, excerpt from SigilDaily.com: A “sigil” is a symbol. In this context, it’s a symbol that represents a specific goal, desire, or ambition that you’d like to bring into your real life. Although sigils are powerful tools, it’s important to understand that there’s nothing inherently supernatural about them. They simply give a concrete form to an idea, and help to focus all of the power of your unconscious mind on making that idea a reality.”

To learn how to create your own sigil, watch this video.

4: Design Your Own Manifestation Board: Similar to the concept of a sigil, the manifestation board is another way to imprint your desires into your consciousness so that they can be made manifest. Get a poster board and a bunch of magazines (lifestyle, travel, fashion, etc.) and cut out the pictures, ideas, quotes that make you feel best and glue them to your board. Place the manifestation board in an area where you’ll be able to give it the proper attention, ideally, in a space where you may find yourself doing a lot of meditating or focusing. Each day focus your intention on the board, and feel into the reality you’re hoping for as if you’ve already achieved it. You can also use your gratitude journal as a way to give extra good “juju” to what you’re looking to attract. Be patient in the process, and be persistent in your passions… before you know it, your wishes will come true. The universe responds to specificity, so be specific, and don’t lose focus!

5: Write a Forgiveness List: When people disappoint you, it’s hard not to take the hurting to your heart. We tend to focus on those that have wronged us, but not in a way that is productive. When we are hurt, we focus on the “why me,” “what did I do,” and “how come this happened.” Instead of playing victim, we can use forgiveness as its own form of alchemy by forgiving those that hurt us, and sending them love instead of sadness. When someone disappoints you, forgive them. The “Forgiveness List” is something you can also do in your Gratitude Journal. Alongside the things you’re grateful for, write out those that you forgive and think of the nicest thing you can possibly say about them. Sooner or later you’ll see a transformation in how you’re treated, and witness your “magic” in action. You can’t fight fear with fear, or hate with hate… fight with love, and you will always rise above.

6. Rewrite Your Life Story Using Sun Language: Sun Language is an alchemical practice where you take the words you use and transform your tone and intention by using poetic metaphor. This exercise in particular is a great way to transmute any residual darkness into light by rewriting your life’s story with a friend. See: How to Learn and Speak Sun Language.


Source: http://thespiritscience.net/2015/04/14/understanding-the-world-through-5d-consciousness/


You can’t experience 5D through your physical senses, it’s beyond all of those. You cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see 5D, and this is part of what makes even beginning to comprehend 5D so difficult.

Human beings are visually-oriented, which works just fine in the physical realm, but is actually kind of a hindrance when it comes to 5D.

5D cannot be understood with the limited mind, though 5D can be felt through Consciousness. The mind is restricted to 4D, it cannot go beyond because the mind itself is a 4D entity.

You also cannot have a memory of 5D, since memories are 4D constructs as well. You may have a memory of a transcendent experience, but the actual 5D connection is only truly felt in this Present Moment.

Any memory you have is a reflection of the experience.

So what is 5D? Well it’s not a “what” or a “where”, 5D is not a thing. 5D is beyond time and space, it transcends our entire idea of Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.16.59 PMlinear thinking.

Love, the Transcendent and Unconditional Love, not the desire-based thing that many people call “love”, is how you connect with 5D. True Love is a deep, Heart-based connection, it’s a feeling of Oneness. This is the beginning of understanding 5D. There’s often talk about the difference between Being and doing, and 5D is simply Being.

5D isn’t known with the mind, it’s felt through the Soul. Less thinking and more Feeling. It’s when the mind is quiet that you can feel 5D, as the fifth dimension (as well as all the other ones) are never separate from you.

When you’re in that dimension, nothing is separate until there is the intention to create that. It’s like space and time is still until a consciousness creates the experience of time or forward motion. The fifth dimension is a realm of instant manifestation from the heart. There is no clouded ego, your intentions are clear for everyone to feel.


You create your reality – like we’re doing now, only it’s completely conscious. The understanding of the fundamental structure of reality is required to play in the higher playgrounds.

It’s a Connection you already have through your own Soul, and it’s through going deep within yourself that 5D is realized.

Through realization of your own Multi-Dimensional Nature, you can bring the Peace and stability of 5D into all aspects of your Life.

Some Secrets Echo through Time – Karma

Source: https://www.thetreeofawakening.com/karma/

You can never escape from your karma. Your actions have consequences. Karma is the invisible power that balances the universe. We have all taken a different path in life but somehow we are all linked. You created your destiny. Your fate is sealed, unless you change.

Karma Crystal Ball

What is Karma?

The definition of  karma? For every action there will always be a reaction. Your actions create a ripple in the universe. Your thoughts and actions are powerful. They carry energy. They are like an echo.

Your thoughts and feelings shape the world within you. Your words and actions shape the world around you. You are constantly shaping your world, little by little.

Whatever you do will eventually come back to you.

The Law of Karma

Law of Karma

Karma is a Buddhist term which comes from Sanskrit and relates to fate, effect and action.You alone are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for your own karma.

It is the law of cause and effect, an unbreakable law of the cosmos. You deserve everything that happens to you, good or bad. You create your happiness and your misery. One day you will be in the same circumstances you put someone else in.

Your world today is just a reflection of your past. What you do today will mirror your future. Your actions create your future. What you are experiencing right now is what karma wants you to experience. Every feeling, every thought, has been prepared especially for you, so you can learn from your past. You can’t escape from your past, but you can learn from it. This will change your future.


The Invisible Factor

Let’s look at an example. Imagine a situation. Think of a person you don’t like. Think of a way to upset that person with unkind words.

Now imagine that you have executed your plan. You smile as you see this person feeling uncomfortable and eventually hurt and upset. You have just created “bad karma” for yourself.

You deliberately harmed someone. Your intentions were bad. It is intention that creates karma. Good intentions will always create “good karma”. You can hide your intentions from others but not from yourself or the universe. You are a small cog within many other cogs. When you move, you move all the other cogs.

Water Splash

You Will Never be Happy at Someone Else’s Expense

You came from the same source as everyone else. Do not harm others. You will never be happy if you hurt those around you. When you think you are alone there are always observers. The most important one being you.

If you take away intention then there is no karma. If you genuinely didn’t mean to harm or hurt someone then the law of karma is now absent. It is your intention that invokes karma, good or bad. No one can violate natures law of karma.

You may be powerful or weak today but your destiny can be reversed at any moment. Your life can change in an instant.

Is Karma Real?

Yes, karma is real. Karma is your bond to the past. Karma is a universal law. It cannot be broken. Karma teaches you and makes your knowledge of the world more complete. The universe wants you to understand the suffering of others. To do this your must experience life from many different perspectives. It is essential to understand why you did something and what the consequences were. A karmic experience allows you to reflect and correct your mistakes.

It is only when you step into someone else’s shoes that you begin to really understand how they feel. You will continue to have the same experiences until you learn what others feel and experience.

Your Future is an Echo of Your Past

Most people are fighting an inner battle against something you know nothing about. Therefore you must not judge them. You haven’t walked in their shoes. You don’t know what they have been through. They might have been abused, faced hardship or never been loved.Please do not judge others. If you judge, then you WILL be judged. By accepting others as they are you will NEVER be judged.

Forgive. Forgiveness relieves you from pain. It takes a great person to forgive.

Revenge will harm you. Forgiveness does not mean you are happy with what was done to you. It means that you are kind and loving enough to move on. You will be setting a great example for others.

Great things happen to those who forgive.

Be grateful! This is so important. Did you eat today? Are you healthy? Do you have shelter?

Please be grateful. Those who are thankful are happy.

Express your gratitude. It will give you amazing inner peace.

The good and bad you see in others also exists in you.

When you see good and bad in others it is just a reflection of yourself.

Always look for the good in everyone.

Give love and love comes back to you.The energy you send out ALWAYS comes back to you. If you radiate happiness and positive energy then that is what you will receive back.

That is why when you are in a good mood the world seems so beautiful. You are sending out wonderful vibrations.

What you give to others you will get yourself. If others need help and you give them very little then one day if you need help you will also receive very little.

The way others behave towards you is their karma. The way you RESPOND will determine your karma.

By now you must have understood that nothing happens by chance. Everything happens so you can learn.

The Buddha said, “The greatest achievement is selflessness“.

 You Will be Tested on Everything You Say

Any criticism you make will eventually be made against you. If you want to criticize others, be prepared to for them to scrutinize you. Judgement has a negative effect. The more you judge people the more you will be judged. You haven’t lived their life’s.

Be grateful, not arrogant for any abilities you may have that are better than someone else’s. A beautiful person becomes ugly when they put down those who are not like them. There is no one in this world who is not beautiful.

Karma Scales of Justice

There are no “other people”. We are all one. When you kick a tramp on the street you are kicking yourself. When you harm another, you are harming yourself. The law of karma transforms you into a better person. The more you aware of the meaning of life, the fewer lessons you will need before you achieve your dreams. The repetition of lessons in your life is not punishment, it is help in learning for your future.

You Don’t Have to be Seen to Make a Difference

Being kind to others is the same as being kind to yourself. Kindness gives others hope. Your inconvenience is minor if you stop to help someone. But for them it means a great deal.Kindness is the most valuable gift you can give to someone. It changes them. By lifting someone in need up you automatically lift yourself up. In that instant, you make the world a better place.

Give without hesitating. You don’t have to be seen by others.You are being observed by the whole universe. Isn’t that enough?

You have free will. It is you who makes the final decision.

Bad Karma

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught you what you must know.Your bad karma is a Blessing in Disguise

Guilt is a form of punishment. Painful results in your life come from actions you took that clashed with the goals of the universe. The pain drives home the lesson. What are the goals of the universe? Everlasting love.

Karma treats everyone equally. You won’t get special treatment. Learn from your past. Learn from the lessons of your life.

Change your destiny?

Can I change my karma?

Can you change your karma? Yes. You cannot stop karma but you can change it. Anything you did in your past can be “undone” by doing good now. You have reaped what you sowed. You created your own destiny, now you can recreate it. How? You have free will. You can learn from the past.

A clear conscience cannot be bought from a moment of regret or shame. If you want forgiveness for your actions you must first take responsibility for them.

Regret is the starting point. Feeling bad about what you did sends a signal to the universe. You must really mean what you say. It’s about learning through compassion. That comes from very carefully imagining how others feel. You are saying that you understand your past actions were wrong. You have awareness. This is the beginning. You have started to undo what you did.

Sometimes, you have to experience what you have done to others. No matter how bad you have been, you can always begin again. You can only erase bad karma with regret, then practicing kindness and love. There is no other way.

If you ever harmed anyone, ask them for forgiveness. Their forgiveness will dissolve any bad karma and turn it into good karma. Your guilt will disappear. You will feel wonderful.

Is Karma real?

Love your enemies. Don’t seek revenge.

Only when everyone is your friend and you have no enemies do you become powerful. When you have to fight you are no longer powerful. Enemies bring worries. Friends bring happiness.

Revenge usually inflicts self-damage. When you hate or dislike someone it creates negativity. Wishing someone well who hurt you allows you to let go of bad energy. You just have to wish them well in your mind and mean it.

Anyone who has hurt you will receive their karma. You don’t have to do anything other than forgive them. It’s a difficult thing to do but will give you an amazing feeling of relief. You will be released to carry on with the good things in your life.

Do not seek revenge. You will only hurt yourself and others around you. Allow the universe to use its infinite powers to help you. No one can harm you when your intentions are pure.

Destroy your enemies. Make them your friends!

Be kind to those who are unkind and angry. They need it the most.

Our thoughts and actions are the forces we send out of ourselves. All life is expression. Your soul is trying to see itself in everything. The universe wants harmony. It seeks balance.

Does Karma have an immediate effect?

Jealousy and Karma

A little jealousy is natural, a sign of love. But too much is not good. Feel for those who are jealous of you. Have respect for their jealousy as they think so highly of you. They are counting your blessings instead of their own. They are not jealous of you but what you represent, what they always wanted to be.

Negativity is a sign of jealously. Forgiving jealousy is good karma. They are hurting themselves, not you. If you are popular or great in some way, sympathize with those who are not. Jealousy can also be a test. How will you react to those who are jealous of you?

Does Karma have an immediate effect?

To fully understand why what you did was good or bad can take time. Many lessons are instant but some things can only be learned over time. So karma plants a seed. Over time it will grow. At just the right moment, the exact moment, you will receive your karma.

Remember the purpose of karma is not revenge. The universe is not vengeful. The purpose of karma is to help you become a better person.

The effects of karma are sometimes immediate and in other cases there is a delay. There will always be an effect, no matter how long the delay. The consequences of your actions good or bad may even follow you into the next life.

What you do is your choice and you have freewill. What happens to you as a result of your choices is no longer in your hands. Karma will decide.

It is impossible to escape your karma.

Listen to your Inner Voice

How to Get Good Karma

When you experience good karma always remember to be grateful. Gratitude means you understand that your actions were good. Most people only notice their bad karma. Notice your good karma and say, “thank you”.

The more spiritual you are the faster your karma will be returned. The more you know, the more responsible you are. A person who understands spiritual laws and does not practice them suffers greatly.

The opposite is also true. When you are kind and loving your karma is returned in the most beautiful way. You have a magic blanket of protection around you. The most powerful forces are with you.

Do to others what you would like to be done to you, because it is being done to you!

That is the Law of Karma and now you understand it completely.


Source: http://organichealth.co/

If you want to have an almost perfect porcelain finish you will need Rice water, which also whiten the skin. It can help to reduce the size of pores and firm up your skin. It is rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.


  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • 2-3 Tbsp Raw Rice
  • 1 Tbsp Warm milk


Place the raw rice into cold water, gradually heat it up until the rice becomes soft. Strain and put the rice into a different bowl. Then rinse the rice and pour 1 tablespoon of warm milk, mix until it is well combined and after that put 1 tablespoon of honey. Put a generous amount onto your clean skin, and carefully remove the mask in 30 minutes, and at the end rinse with the rice water.

Make Non-Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant

Source: http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2014/06/heres-how-to-make-non-toxic-long-lasting-organic-deodorant.html

Deodorant Recipe


6-8 Tbsp Coconut oil (solid state)

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (arrowroot is preferred)


Combine equal portions of baking soda & arrowroot powder.

Slowly add coconut oil and work it in with a spoon or hand blender until it maintains a firm but pliable texture.

It should be about the same texture as commercial deodorant, solid but able to be applied easily. If it is too wet, add further arrowroot powder/cornstarch to thicken.

You can either scoop this recipe into your old deodorant dispensers or place in a small container with lid and apply with fingers with each use. Makes about 1 cup.

This recipe lasts about 3 months for two people with regular daily use.