7 Meditation & Mindfulness Practices for a Busy Life

Source: http://thespiritscience.net/2014/11/19/7-meditation-mindfulness-practices-for-a-busy-life/

1. In the Shower

meditation-shower-bath-waterfallWhenever you take a bath or a shower use this time to cleanse your energy.  Take some deep breaths and visualise the water washing all of the stress and negative energy away.  This can be a powerful technique for balancing your chakras and feeling great.  Practice slowing down your breathing and feel the amazing power of the water.

If you have seen our spirit science video on water maybe you can also practice sending love energy to the water or put healing crystals near the faucet so that the water coming through your house is cleaned energetically too.


2. Tea & Drinks

If you drink any sort of herbal or natural beverage try slowing down.  Take the time to savor the many smells and flavors of the drink.  Take the time to breathe slowly, reflect, meditate and really be aware of that moment in your life.  Visualise the healing that comes when you fill your body with good healthy fluids.

3. Eating with Awareness

eat-more-slowly_OMTimes_bigstock-Portrait-of-a-fit-healthy-hisp-32284502Each little flavor, color and smell is a whole new adventure.  Slow down and see if you can identify all of the ingredients.  Observe the impulse to eat specific foods and the impulse to eat fast.  Slow down your mind and ask yourself why you feel those things.

Imagine the healing effects that your food will have on your body.  Are you giving your body what it needs to feel whole, stay healthy and thrive?  Observe the taking in of energy.  This food is the basics that feed your body, mind and soul.

4. Waiting in Line

200330172-002-e13498986618431Waiting anywhere can be a great place to begin meditating.  Slow everything down in your mind.  Observe the people or objects around you.  Take in the beauty and observe your feelings.

If you are safe to do so, close your eyes half way and take a deep breathe.  Go inside yourself mentally and focus on your breathing.  Observe the amazing chemical exchange going on inside your lungs with each breath.  Oxygen to carbon dioxide over and over.

5. While Walking

walking-in-fallWalking can be a similar meditation to waiting in line.  It can also be a good tool for people who struggle to sit still.  When your body is distracted with the movement of walking, get your breathing in a good rhythm with your feet and clear your mind.

Recognise that everything in your path is there for a reason.  If they weren’t supposed to be there they would have come earlier or left later.  Those people are there in that moment on purpose.  Take the time to smile, send loving energy to others and even strike up a conversation with someone.

6. Stretching or Exercising

stretch-at-officeIf you have a Yoga, Stretching or Exercising practice every day this is the perfect time to meditate.  Let your body do its thing while you practice your deep breathing, slowing down your mind and observing the world around you.

If you don’t have a regular practice take some time to at least stretch each day.  You can do this while waiting for your morning coffee to brew, while waiting for your ride to come for work or while watching a movie at home.  There are many times where we can stretch and keep our body loose and receptive while also practicing meditation.

7. Before Sleeping & Help Sleeping

o-MEDITATION-facebookEach night before bed, take a few minutes to take some deep breaths and clear your mind.  This is a good time for a quick meditation about your day and your plans for life.  Look at all of the patterns from your day and ask yourself what they mean on a big scale in your life.  If you aren’t ready to go to sleep keep your eyes cracked open just a little so that you do not drift off.

When you are ready to sleep you can also use the relaxation techniques from meditation to help you rest easier.  If you are anything like me you might have troubles sleeping because you are over analysing your day and stressing about tomorrow.


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