How To: Change Your Karma


Karma is attached to our EGO.  That means that Karma is only something we deal with in the lower levels of consciousness.  The higher levels all the way back to source and creation are not limited by the rules of Karma.


When we are in a deep state of meditation you can access these higher levels of consciousness and change your Karma if you wanted to.  Often though when we see the grand picture of our lives we actually find that we don’t want to change it because we recognize the value of experience and cleaning up our own vibrational mistakes.

How can we change it from our current state of consciousness?

There are two main ways to change our Karma here on earth.  One is through genuine love energy meditations and the other is through consistent good actions.

1. Love Meditation

When you are in meditation focus on sending love to everyone and everything in existence.  This Love has to come from a genuine space of giving with no thought of receiving.  On the highest soul levels there is no difference between you and everything else so you are actually never going without.

2. Good Actions

With a deep genuine spirit of giving you can make a lot of powerful waves for your life and the lives of those around you.  As long as we are always giving with the intent of loving others then when it ripples back to us we will receive genuine love.

Though we know that we will receive the fruits of our labor down the road we cannot have that be the motivation in why we are doing good.  Imagine how it feels to receive a gift with an expectation to give something else back.  It almost feels like a hook or an obligation.  Wouldn’t you rather receive pure love?  That is why we must always give with a loving intent.


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