Right now merpeople can help us on a personal level with the recalibration and restoration of our energy fields.  When you are at the ocean, call on them.

  • Relax your mind and focus on your heart beat.
  • As you start to feel each beat, put an intention to connect with them on each beat.
  • Once you can do this, let your heart beat travel out of your chest towards the ocean, carrying your intention with it.
  • The ocean waves at this time might change, or the wind will – either way you will feel their presence when they follow your call.
  • At this stage – open yourself up, allow your energy to be full exposed giving full permission for them to sing to you
  • Embrace where you are, the sound of the waves, of the wind, feel the sand between your toes – be in that moment and know that you are being healed by these immensely beautiful creatures.

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