The Power of Perceptive Reality


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Everything you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment has been created by your thoughts and beliefs from the past and what you are doing right now is laying the groundwork for tomorrow by what you think, believe and say right now. Your beliefs and thoughts from the past build perception. Interestingly, how you perceive the world is the real world and how you perceive yourself is the real you. So, to be who you are really want to be, you just perceive who you’re everyday you wake up in the morning and then that will become who you are. To build perception on something you first need to build up your thoughts and beliefs.

First, we need to understand how thoughts and beliefs are formed. Imagine that your thoughts are like drops of water. As you repeat thoughts over and over, you first notice a stain on the carpet, then there is a little puddle, then a pond and as these thoughts continue, the can become a lake and finally an ocean. What kind of ocean are you creating? Once that is polluted and toxic or one that invites you to enjoy its refreshing waters? This is how beliefs and thoughts are build up.

To change thoughts and beliefs is the most difficult part in human lifetime. This is due to the fact that your thoughts speed through your mind very quickly, so that it is difficult to shape them at first. So what can you do to change your thoughts? Your mouth, on the other hand is slower. So if you can start editing your speech by listening to what you say, and not letting negative things come out of your mouth, then you can begin to shape your thoughts and build your beliefs. This is the power in your spoken words. The way you talk or words come out from your month is basically program your thoughts and beliefs. So, to change your thoughts and beliefs start from your month first as simple as that.

Let’s go something more interesting on the perceptive reality topic. Perceptive reality is great topics that everyone is arguing around the world. Some said it cannot be proven by science. Why sometimes miracles do happen? Why a person having a cancer can recover 100%? Why a person having HIV also can recover 100%? Why some stuff in this world cannot be explained in science? Can all these answer be explained using the “Perceptive Reality”? So, if I perceive myself to be “Super Man”, can I really fly? If I perceive myself to be a rich person, will I become one? Can I use perceptive reality to kill someone by just imagine someone is going to die? How far the power of “Perceptive Reality” can go? Perhaps I have seen too many movies and now start talking crap to you? Well, I do believe the power of perceptive reality is unlimited. There is no reality in this worlds and the reality exists only because we perceive them.

By the way, if you have ever joined any Direct-Sale Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) seminar, or Quick Rich Scheme Seminar, do you aware that they are also using some kind of “Perceptive Reality” method to help you to become rich? I wonder if I should start giving a seminar on how to become a “Super Man”? Just kidding…

[Updated on 12 Dec 2010]

This article is in fact kind of similar to the Law of Attraction. See the following 2 posts that I wrote about the law of attraction:


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